A seeing stone is a rock with a hole in the middle that gives you the ability to see the magic of nature. Whether you want to call them faeries or you believe in a more subtle power, you're here because you're drawn to the healing power of plants and the miracle that is the natural world around us.


Jackie has been enamored with the natural world since she was very young. She made her obsession with connecting to the environment legitimate when she married a permaculture farmer and they started their very own homestead based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachian region of the United States. With a 70-acre farm and woodland property living adjacent to an 800-acre nature preserve, they spend every day in communion with the earth.


Jackie's interest in natural and herbal skin care began when she wanted to make her own clean, environmentally friendly and chemical-free household cleaners, candles and body products for her and her family. With a voracious appetite to learn about all things natural health, over time this evolved to include the practices of herbalism, wildcrafting, foraging, green witchcraft and aromatherapy. 


The products she develops are not only born out of treating her family's everyday needs, but are inspired by the creative challenge to use and focus on herbs and medicinal plants naturally growing around her. Appalachia is more than a mountain range that contains some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. It is a home to a culturally rich pocket of folk medicine, music and slow living.


Jackie and her husband spends many hours learning, growing, harvesting, foraging and practicing folk methods for harnessing Appalachian plant magic to create luscious and nurturing skin care goods, teas and other elixirs!