Organic apple cider vinegar is infused with homegrown lavender and rosemary to cleanse, clarify and nourish the scalp.


Lavender nourishes the scalp with anti-inflammatory properties as well as balances oil production and softens hair.


Rosemary stimulates blood flow and revitalizes the scalp, encouraging strong follicles and hair growth.


This is a concentrated rinse that should be diluted, and can be used after a shampoo bar to restore pH levels of the skin as well as to help remove soap residue. This can also be used in place of any shampoo or conditioner as a natural and restorative cleanser.


Dilution Instructions:

  • 1 part ACV Concentrate
  • 3 parts water (can also do 4 parts water if your hair is more dry-type)


Concentrate in an 8 oz amber jar.

Ingredients: Organic apple cider vinegar, plants of lavender and rosemary, essential oils of lavender and rosemary.



Lavender & Rosemary ACV Hair Rinse